Newcomers and Defenses

Mohammed AlAmer, 1st year PhD student, joined the group in the fall. He received his BS degree from McGill University in Canada in 2012, and had been working at Saudi Aramco before he was selected to pursue his PhD under the Saudi Aramco Fellowship. He will be studying catalytic reactions in a model Taylor-Couette reactor.

Runbang Tang, MS student in the department, also joined the group in the fall. He will be working on the study of the effect of mesopores in a carbon substrate on the performance of Li-sulfur batteries.

Shubham Pinge and Sri Dithya Atluri successfully defended their MS thesis. Shubham is now in our PhD program continuing working on mesoscale modeling of directed self assembly for lithography, and Sri will start working at Inspire Energy in February.

Awards, Defense, and Newcomers

Soshana Smith, 5th year PhD student in the group, has been selected as a recipient of the Provost Diversity Fellowship for 2015. The Provost Diversity Fellowship is a competitive fellowship designed to support the diversity of Cornell’s graduate student population. 

Joe Carlin, 4th year PhD student in the group, received the Outstanding Graduate TA of the Year Award this year. Joe TAed  ChemE 3240, Heat and Mass Transfer, in the Fall semester. This TA of the Year Award is chosen by the undergraduates and faculty in the department. 

Bryan Rolfe successfully defended his PhD thesis on mesoscale modeling of the dynamics of block copolymer micelles and nanoparticle composites in the spring, and joined the computational lithography group at Intel.

Mayank Jhalaria, MS student in the department, joined the group this spring. He is the fourth MS student in the group this year, following Mounica Jyothi, Sri Dithya Atluri and Shubham Pinge.

New Postdoc, Dr. Jaehyuk Lee, joins the group

Dr. Jaehyuk (Jay) Lee, who received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at POSTECH, Korea, joined the group as a postdoc. His thesis work was on the design and development of nanostructured catalysts for fuel cells and solar cells, and he will be working on the development of the air-controlled electrospray process for nanocoating applications.

Two first year PhD students join the group

Ghazal Shoorideh and George Shebert joined the group this fall. Ghazal from USC who did MEng in the department in 2013 will work on understanding the interplay between the morphology of electrochemically active materials and the structure of binder polymer in directly deposited electrodes. George Shebert who received a BS degree from the University of Rochester, will do an experimental and modeling study on the confined assembly of block copolymer/ceramic composites for energy and membrane applications.